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    class Cute::IErrorHandler

    The Cute::IErrorHandler is an interface that error handlers must implement. More...

    Header: #include <IErrorHandler>

    Public Functions

    virtual ~IErrorHandler()
    virtual void handleError(const Cute::ErrorInfo &errorInfo, const Cute::ConnectionInfo &connectionInfo) = 0

    Detailed Description

    Cute::IErrorHandler defines an interface that the server uses to inform about errors. The Cute::setErrorHandler function is used to register the instance of the error handler that must be used by the Cute server to report errors.

    Member Function Documentation


    This is the default constructor.

    [virtual] IErrorHandler::~IErrorHandler()

    This is the default destructor.

    [pure virtual] void IErrorHandler::handleError(const Cute::ErrorInfo &errorInfo, const Cute::ConnectionInfo &connectionInfo)

    This pure virtual function should be implemented by error handlers. This function defines the interface that is called by the Cute server whenever an error occurs. The Cute::setErrorHandler function sets the error handler. Information about the error and connection is given in errorInfo and connectionInfo respectively.