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Cute Learning Hub

Cute enables developers to use the intuitive Qt signals and slots mechanism to communicate over a network seamlessly through remote signal-slot connections and direct remote slot calls.

By relying upon Qt's meta-type system, Cute can provide concise, intuitive, and easy-to-use SDKs made of just a few classes, macros, and public functions.

Server-side programming consists of exposing remote objects and handling errors. QObject-derived classes with signals and slots tagged as remote are mapped to endpoints on the server upon registration.

Clients interact with remote objects through the RemoteObject class. This class creates a remote object on the server and acts as a proxy to the created object, enabling clients to interact with remote objects as if they were local.

Attacks are common on servers. Malicious clients can establish connections without sending any data. They can intentionally not initiate the SSL handshake process for encrypted connections to keep the connection stale, consuming system resources. Malicious clients can also send specially crafted rogue data to abuse message processing. Whenever such conditions occur, the Cute server reports them as errors to the error handler, enabling users to take action.

Besides being intuitive and easy to learn, the Qt signals and slots mechanism seamlessly support asynchronous behavior, making it a perfect candidate for representing network-based interaction. Objects can communicate state changes with signals and provide functionality with slots. Custom types enable developers to build tailor-made languages among peers collaborating over networks in place of the standardized messages and data exchange formats commonly used for network communication.

The Cute server guarantees data integrity on all connections and data confidentiality with encrypted connections. The intuitive signals and slots mechanism streamlines remote object exposition and interaction. There are also tutorials to aid developers in mastering how to use the Cute server and SDKs to develop server-side and client-side applications.

There are three Cute Server editions: Startup, Business, and Enterprise. On the Cute website, all server editions are available for download as installable, self-extractable compressed tar archives.

All Cute server editions use a file for configuration.

The Cute server editions allow a 30-day free evaluation period on AWS EC2/Lightsail.