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Cute SDK

The Cute SDKs provide the glue that binds together server-side and client-side programming. SDKs target server-side programming on Linux and client-side programming on all supported client platforms (Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and WebAssembly). Client and Server SDKs share a core set of classes. Although the client and server SDKs are not compatible, the server SDK can be used to write client code on microservices-based architectures.

The Cute SDKs expose an extremely concise public interface made by just a few classes, macros, and public functions.

Core classes used by servers and clients belong to the Cute namespace, while Client and Server classes belong to Cute::Client and Cute::Server namespaces, respectively.

Cute is simple to use and learn. Server-side programming consists of two main activities: exposing remote objects and handling errors, while client-side programming involves interacting with remote objects.

Developers include the CuteClient.h header file and link to the Cute Client SDK library to create client code. When targeting the server-side, developers include the CuteServer.h header file and link to the Cute Server SDK library instead.